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Green Spaces


The current green spaces are:

PLGS.01 Paignton Green

PLGS.02 Victoria Park

PLGS.03 Torbay Park and Gardens

PLGS.04 Berry Square

PLGS.05 Queens Park

PLGS.06 Palace Avenue Gardens

PLGS.07 Burma Star Garden

PLGS.08 Whitstone Corner

PLGS.09 Roundham Head Park

PLGS.10 St. Michael’s Field

PLGS.11 Oakleigh St. Michael’s Allotments

PLGS.12 Derrell Road Allotments

PLGS.13 Preston Green

PLGS.14 Parkfield

PLGS.15 Coombe Valley Park

PLGS.16 Hollicombe Cliff Park

PLGS.17 Hollicombe Park (part of)

PLGS.18 Wills Avenue Playground

PLGS.19 Preston Gardens

PLGS.20 Oldway Mansion Gardens

PLGS.21 Shorton Valley Woods

PLGS.22 Hollicombe Allotments

PLGS.23 Sandringham Gardens

PLGS.24 Lower Penns Road Allotments

PLGS.25 Scadson Woods

PLGS.26 Stanley Gardens

PLGS.27 Ailescombe Road Allotments

PLGS.28 Monastery Winner Hill

PLGS.29 Paignton Cemetery

PLGS.30 Clennon Valley Allotment

PLGS.31 Quay West Corner

PLGS.32 Young’s Park (part of)

PLGS.33 Oyster Bend Field

PLGS.34 Goodrington Community Orchard

PLGS.35 Goodrington Village Green

PLGS.36 Claylands Cross Park

PLGS.37 Gibson Road Playground

PLGS.38 White Rock Recreation Ground

PLGS.39 York Road Allotments

PLGS.40 Hookhills Playground and Park

PLGS.41 Lancaster Drive Playpark

PLGS.42 Cherry Brook Square

PLGS.43 Goodrington Road

PLGS.44 Primley Park

PLGS.45 Redwell Road

PLGS.46 Smallcombe Scout Field

PLGS.47 Smallcombe Road Playground

PLGS.48 Wild Fox Adventure Playground

PLGS.49 Foxhole Community Playing Field

PLGS.50 Great Parks Play Area

PLGS.51 Snowdonia Close

PLGS.52 Pennine Drive

PLGS.53 Collaton St. Mary Meadow

Last Updated: Thursday 30 September 2021