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Plan Refresh


The key stages are as follows:

Complete a draft suitable for screening - 1-2 months (assuming good progress and no site allocations)? More like 4 month with site allocations.

Submit plan the the LPA for screening (SEA/HRA) - 6 weeks.

If SEA/HRA required, then apply to AECOM to prepare reports - 2-3 months.

If SEA/HRA not required, then a Regulation 14 version could be completed fairly quickly.

Formal decision - Forum to agree Reg 14 draft.

Regulation 14 Consultation - 6 weeks for the consultation then a month or so to undertake analysis and modify the NP.

The analysis will be reported in the form of the Consultation Statement.

During this time, the Basic Conditions Statement can be prepared.

Formal decision - Forum to agree submission version of plan and supporting statements.

Submit the plan.

The plan passes to the control of the LPA.

Regulation 18 Publicity - 6 weeks.

Examiner appointed by LPA (agreed by Forum)

Independent Examination (examination, report, LPA considers report) - could be 2-3 months

Publicity of modified plan


The Forum will need to be redesignated, if the above process has not been completed. However, it should be possible to complete before December 2022.

Last Updated: Sunday 3 October 2021