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Character Areas


As a start in our process to create a Design Code to complement the Plan Policies we need to define character area types for Paignton. It's not just about types of houses, we need to outline locations that are defined in terms of characteristics such as:


1. OLD TOWN: Winner Street, Church Street, Well Street and surrounding streets, ancient heart of Paignton, shops, restaurants, listed buildings; narrow streets; includes some housing with very limited parking.

2. VICTORIAN TOWN CENTRE: Victoria Street, Hyde Road, Palace Avenue, Torbay Road, in-town Torquay Road, retail shops, restaurants, personal services; includes some housing with very limited parking.

3. ST. MICHAELS: Early 20th century working class housing; occasional retail; streets are narrowed by on-street parking

4. BEACHES: Paignton and Preston Greens, hotels, B&Bs, retirement housing.

5. HARBOUR AND ROUNDHAM: Restaurants, Hotels, B&Bs, Victorian villas.

6. GOODRINGTON: Beach community, Three Beaches commercial area, Clennon Valley leisure centre; holiday caravan parks; mixed types of housing from moderate to posh

7. PRESTON: Interior development, post-war bungalows and houses, Torquay Road commercial district.

8. KINGS ASH: Kings Ash Road, Foxhole, Tweenaways, post-war working class housing, new housing estates.

9. COLLEY END: Colley End Road, Maidenway Road, Ailscombe Road, pre-war working class housing.

10. BRIXHAM ROAD residential: White Rock, Roselands, Cherrybrook, Hookhills, new housing estates with limited local retail

11. BRIXHAM ROAD: Supermarket row and Industrial estates.

12. COLLATON: Collaton St. Mary, Blatchcombe, Blagdon, Yalberton, village/rural areas – although industrial has crept toward Yalberton and very large residential developments have been approved or are planned for Collaton St Mary.


Last Updated: Wednesday 29 September 2021