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Policy PNP1 (i) - Surface Water

Policy PNP1 (i)

Surface Water

Developments will be required to comply with all relevant drainage and flood risk policy. Proposals, which achieve more than sustainable drainage improvements and move beyond Sustainable Urban Drainage systems (SUDs) by keeping surface water out of the combined sewer network at source are encouraged. Where appropriate, achievable and viable the following water management mechanisms should be included:

a) specific agro-hydrological measures using local topography and geology including bio- retention swales, leaky dams, tree-pit planting, attenuation wetlands and natural water infiltration areas as part of the scheme;

b) water sensitive scheme-wide redistribution of surface water runoff for non-potable uses including garden irrigation and, except in the case of d), toilet flushing;

c) strong architectural design in water management including permeable surfaces, raingardens, raingarden planters, micro-ponds, microwetlands, green roofs and walls, and rainwater harvesting and reuse;and

d) the provision of waterless toilet systems is encouraged in all developments within the Rural Character Area defined in Policy PNP19.