Neighbourhood Forum

Paignton and Preston Coastal Defence Scheme

Torbay Council has asked Forum members (and the wider community) to provide feedback on the proposed “Defence Scheme” for Paignton and Preston seafronts.

We have received Forum meeting presentations from:

David Edmondson, the Assistant Director of Planning, Housing & Climate Emergency (on 29 October 2020) and Kevin Mowat, Director of Place (on 25 November 2020).

These notes are based upon those presentations, and will be updated as and when more detailed information becomes available.

The Council intends to submit a planning application in early 2021, and commence work on site around Autumn 2021.

The funding is said to not draw significantly on the Council’s existing finances.

Here is a link to a DevonLive article that shows more images and details of the proposal.




Tuesday 15 December 2020 21:30
- Amanda Warrington
Where can I see these proposed plans as can’t enlarge to see them on my phone?