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Paignton Neighbourhood Plan - Policies

A Neighbourhood Development Plan to 2030.

These are the policies from the plan.


Policy PNP1 - Area wide
Policy PNP1 (a) - Rural Character Area
Policy PNP1 (b) - Local Green Space
Policy PNP1 (c) - Design Principles
Policy PNP 1(d) - Residential Development
Policy PNP1 (e) - Commercial Development
Policy PNP1 (f) - Towards a sustainable low carbon energy efficient economy
Policy PNP1 (g) - Designing out crime
Policy PNP1 (h) - Sustainable transport
Policy PNP1 (i) - Surface Water
Policy PNP2 - Town Centre
Policy PNP3 – Paignton Harbour
Policy PNP4 - Seafront
Policy PNP5 – Torbay Road
Policy PNP6 – Station Square ‘Gateway’
Policy PNP7 – Victoria Square
Policy PNP8 – Crossways, Hyde Road, and Torquay Road
Policy PNP9 – Victoria Park
Policy PNP10 – Queens Park
Policy PNP11 – Old Town
Policy PNP 12 – Getting Around
Policy PNP13 – Housing opportunities within the Town Centre
Policy PNP14 – Paignton Neighbourhood Plan Core Tourism Investment Area
Policy PNP15 – Flood and Sea Defences
Policy PNP16 – Victoria Street
Policy PNP17 – Transport ‘Gateway’ improvement
Policy PNP18 – Supporting the Retention of Retail Uses
Policy PNP19 – Safeguarding open countryside
Policy PNP20 – Great Parks
Policy PNP21 – White Rock and nearby areas
Policy PNP22 – Western Corridor
Policy PNP23 – Yalberton to Blagdon Valley
Policy PNP24 – Collaton St. Mary Village
Policy PNP25 – Clennon Valley
Policy PNP26 – Clifton with Maidenway
Policy PNP27 – Preston