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Victoria Square Proposal

Queens Park at the bottom, Victoria Park at the top. This image has demolished the multi-storey carparks and the Lidl supermarket, and replaced them with five multi-storey residential blocks (although the 'bottom-right' block might be a carpark).

Issues here are:

1. Where do town shoppers park? (if one of the blocks is not a carpark).

2. Where is the supermarket? (Given that the Council has a town centre retail first policy -- apparantly).

3. Are the buildings too high? (If we cannot build out then is it not inevitable that we build upwards?).

4. What are the implications given that this is in a flood zone?


It would be good if images such as this did not show carparks empty. It raises expectations which are then inevitably deflated in reality.


Sunday 14 February 2021 19:09
- Maggie Loates
It was my understanding that only the older parking structure would be demolished. The newer one would remain open. I think those buildings are hideous. They are nothing like the stepped residential building with retail at ground level which we were originally shown by the TDA.

Sunday 14 February 2021 19:29
- Paul Sutton
I agree about parking, especially as we are a Tourist resort, I also agree about a supermarket, Lidl is handy, esp if, like me you don't drive, but walking to the supermarket is better from a heath and environment stand point)

I like the idea of grass on top of the buildings, this has worked in other countries, and in some cases the tops of buildings are gardens with trees etc,

You are correct re flooding the walk way next to the car park towards lidl does get flooded quite a lot, in very heavy rain.

Sunday 14 February 2021 20:08
- Anonymous
car parking must be a priority, many of the b and bs around Garfield beach rd etc use the multy story for guest parking myself included
removing the supermarket would mean many of the older generation in the retirement flats around the seafront would have to travel farther afield to shop some im sure with mobility issues would find this difficult

Sunday 14 February 2021 23:03
- Darren Cowell
Please note the artist impressions are just that. They are not from planning applications are conceptional.

The principle is a mixed use opportunity that would provide residential - adding to the five year land supply numbers and both helping to relieve pressure on green field sites while generating town centre footfall Yao support retail. The development could provide a supermarket as well as other opportunities.

Monday 15 February 2021 11:23
- Freda Bamford Dwane
Does Paignton actually need this many flats? Are we going to be left with empty ones which the council will let to imported people from the areas of the UK needing accommodation - i.e. unemployed from elsewhere@

Thursday 18 February 2021 17:44
- Steve Tucker
I thought only the older Garfield Road car park was going to be demolished, but it looks so hideous today that I wouldn’t be sorry to see it go.
Who is going to live in these new residential blocks?

Saturday 20 February 2021 12:56
- Anonymous
I think the principle is right but not the approach. Something like this (accepted it's not a plan) will create a ghetto in the town centre. The council seem to be obsessed with small housing, is there a demand? I also agree about parking, it will push people away from visiting the town centre. (again). It is also a great excuse for the council to put up the charges for the little parking there will be left.