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Station Square Proposal

TDA (a wholly-owned company of Torbay Council) has created an artist's impression of what Station Square could look like. We're looking towards the railway station.

This particular image is simply trying to convey a 'vision' of what Station Sqaure could 'feel' like. But, is it possible to achieve?

The enlarged island in the centre (enlarged by removing the left-hand Dartmouth Road lane) is still only an island used for crossing two roads. A steady stream of cars still exists (unless Torbay Road is largely pedestrianised).

The seating shown in the foreground of the view (in front of the old Gerston Hotel) are merely resting places for the weary rather than a pleasant area to sit and relax.

The main issue with the view is the poor spatial perspective on the left of the image (towards the square block that represents the Picture House). The large open space shown on the left simply does not exist (although it could be achieved with a fish-eye lens on a camera!).

An attractive piazza-style vision for Station Square is possible but surely it can only be achieved with a bold vision that pedestrianises the land used by the vehicles (why do artist's impression never show lorries and buses and pollution?).

Have we not reached the point where a bolder re-think of our town centres is not only preferable but essential?

Station Square Location



Sunday 14 February 2021 19:21
- Maggie Loates
Looks like more brutalist architecture to me! Where are the flowers? There must be better solutions than that ghastly block of flats. This part of Paignton is Victorian and stark modern architecture is totally out of place in this area. Any new construction needs to blend in with the old.

Sunday 14 February 2021 19:33
- Paul Sutton
I agree, with what is suggested here, we need more residential, less betting / charity shops and buildings you can also walk past in the rain without having a shower due to badly maintained guttering etc, If I want a shower I have one at home.

What laws / bylaws are there to force owners to maintain their properties to a high standard, some of these owners can afford it easily so what is their excuse for not doing so.

Sunday 14 February 2021 21:29
- Robert VINCENT
The current plans do pedestrianize the taxi rank and station car parking into a plaza of sorts with the road reduced to one lane. The current covid narrowing is a fore- taste of what it would be like. Taxi rank and station drop off point would be a layby off the one lane of traffic.. GWR do not seem to be doing more than put up a canopy over part of the new plaza.. The station needs demolishing and a new contemporary building to complement the library. The original masterplan had the station car park as a new bus station but this seems to have gone by the board so as Stagecoach have no interest in moving. .Something needs to take the eye to the Library, the Bus station, Victoria Street and shops.

Monday 15 February 2021 13:59
- Colin Hurst
The Council produce visions of their intended proposals. That is right, they are not at this stage even proposals as they do not own the property opposite the Station. It is owned by a London Company that has a local address in Crown and Anchor Way. As far as we know there is no agreement with the Council to make the adjustments portrayed in the artists impression. The Council did have an opportunity to purchase the building for a song about two years ago but did not do so. Another missed opportunity. The refurbishment of this building is paramount to the success of any successful regeneration of that area. This aspect should be tackled before potentially misleading artists impressions are made public

Saturday 20 February 2021 13:01
- Anonymous
These plans are just turd polishing. The whole area needs to be flattened and rebuilt. The station itself is a mess, a coat of paint won't fix that. The victorian buildings need to go, they look awful as do the charity and betting shops. The first impressions are important. These flats do nothing to create a welcome to Paignton. A total rethink is needed in my opinion.