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Paignton Picture House

The Paignton Picture House (formerly the Torbay Cinema) will receive money from the Future High Streets Fund bid.

DevonLive has a recent story at: Repairs to go ahead at Paignton Picture House so full glory can be revealed at last

and here's a bit of history:


Sunday 14 February 2021 19:38
- Paul Sutton
I agree with the development not just because it will make the building look better, bring it back in to use, but also for the heritage of the building,

Sunday 14 February 2021 21:06
- Robert VINCENT
The original Paignton masterplan had the buildings opposite the picture house demolished creating a pedestrianised area and new square replacing Victoria Square. This did require no vehicles in this part of the Torbay Road, the demolition of Poundland and Sports direct replaced with a retail (possible supermarket) with residential above. It also incorporated the novel idea of an open, pedestrian only, level crossing with open barriers/refuges as trains would only be approaching and departing at tram speeds.
Current thinking should include the demolition of the buildings opposite the picture house.