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Torbay Road

At the present time (14 February 2021) Torbay Council is still trying to find £5 million to do something about the dilapidated state of Torbay Road. The shortfall from central government between the £19.2 million requested and the £13.36 million awarded means that Torbay Road will miss out on the Future High Streets Fund. Or will it?

The Council must decide by 26 February.


The Council says that it has found money to do something about Torbay Road. Pedestrianisation?


Sunday 14 February 2021 19:36
- Paul Sutton
There is little point developing station square to look nice only for people to turn the corner and see what we have right now. the picture house development would be really good, as will the development of Victoria square

Just to let you know you have a typo above "$19.2 million requested and the £13.36 " $ not £.

Monday 15 February 2021 09:18
- Robert VINCENT
As on previous comment the masterplan had the shops opposite the picture house demolished and I'll add the buildings that housed The Haven to create a replacement square so that Victoria Square could be redeveloped. Any traffic that has to remain for deliveries etc should be similar to Victoria Road.
Must remember all the shops in Torbay Road except for one modernish eyesore (corner of Queens Road) are converted houses.