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Implications of Lack of Land Supply

The fact that Torbay Council is unable to demonstrate a 3-year land supply for new housing (let alone a 5-year land supply) has serious implications for our Neighbourhood Plan, and hence, our Town.


Thursday 11 March 2021 15:23
- Anonymous
Torbay cannot build on four sides - this should be taken into account.
More building will take away the countryside to the detriment of the local population.
Torbay does not need more houses - what Torbay needs is more permanent well paid jobs in order for people to afford the houses that are currently on the market.
Developers say they plan to build 'affordable' housing - so the question has to be what is considered affordable and affordable by whom - certainly not those wanting to reside in the low economy area of Torbay. It seems Torbay is becoming a dormitory town for Plymouth, Newton Abbot and particularly Exeter - this does not help the prosperity of Torbay.

Thursday 11 March 2021 18:04
- R E Vincent
Land supply has always puzzled me . If Torbay supply land, or the approval, and builders don't build (Devonshire Park, Holicombe, sites in Collaton) then surely this land should be carried forward. I can think of only two sites currently under construction at White Rock and Berry Acres. Builders will not build unless they think they can sell what they build, I think in Paignton about 100+ houses are built every year as a glut would depress prices and profits.
Therefore land supply should be based on what builders are likely to build every year. White Rock has built a lot of houses but over 5 years with still more to come. Devonshire Park and Holicombe over 350 houses should still count in the land supply figures.