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Land To The South Of White Rock Adjacent To Brixham Road AKA Inglewood

On April 26th 2021, the Planning Inspector published his decision: The appeal by the developer was allowed. The 373 houses at Inglewood can be built. The community sees this as the thin-end of the wedge. Between now and 2030, 6,000 'dwellings' must be provided. Due to land-supply issues, it is clear that the majority will be on (more) greenfield sites and/or in tower blocks.

The area known (by the planning applicants) as 'Inglewood' is an area of land outside the area covered by the Paignton Neighbourhood Plan. There is a planning application that was lodged in 2017 for the development of upto 373 houses on the land. Torbay Council has not approved planning permission. Therefore the developer has taken the step of appealing the (lack of) decision to a public inquiry held by a government Inspector.

That appeal is scheduled to last around eight days, and commences on Tuesday 12th January 2021.

It is interest to us because, to quote the Brixham Town Council submission:

It will be submitted that given the scale to which this development undermines the [Brixham] Neighbourhood Plan, were the appeal to be allowed, both the [Brixham] Neighbourhood Plan and the neighbourhood plan community engagement process in Torbay would be annulled at a stroke.

Inglewood Location