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Seafront defence task and finish group meeting. (Report 2).

Seafront defence task and finish group meeting. (Report 2).

Mostly Councillors in attendance.

Kevin Mowat (Director of Place) is anxious to involve the Chambers and is prepared to give them the presentation he's already made to the Neighbourhood Forum and the Town Partnership.  Sally Cope (Paignton chair) had been invited to this meeting, but Kevin was advised by a person present that there was a local Chambers meeting today at 4.00, to she would have been at that.

Kate Spencer discussing about further community involvement and will have something on the website by the end of the week (I don't actually know to which website she was referring! - I'm presuming a Council one)

Cllr Dave Thomas said he'd not received a notification from the Forum, as is their wont when something needs attention, however,  David Edmondson found the site and the information on the Flood Plan was on there and shared his screen.

Kevin Mowat remarked on what a wonderful job had been done, and said he must congratulate Catherine and her team

The Council is still working on the artwork, and it would be better if the planning application is deferred until late February, to make sure that more people know about the proposals.

Kevin Mowat was very concerned that the artist was from London and not a local artist, and is to look into why he wasn't consulted on this (he was quite concerned).

There was much discussion on how to get the information to enough people - notices along the seafront, utilisation of the hoarding around the hotel construction sites - (Midas does not need the second accommodation block cabin - they've sorted spacing adequately), Next Door (social media), Beach Hut - although the January deadline has been missed, and February could be too late, Vue Cinema, CAB, Libraries.   Leaflets were also suggested by Cllr Celia Brown.  Kevin Mowat said that Kate is capturing these ideas, although she thought it unlikely that she'd be able to get anything up before Christmas to capture the seafront walkers over that period.

Torbay Times - although many people said they don't receive one (myself included, although I didn't say so!)

Cllr Anne Brooks suggested that during construction perhaps some uplighting could be positioned on the land side of the wall to make a feature of the artwork.

More talk of the artwork and guidance is needed as to just what illustrates our Geopark Status - Jurrasic Coast lends itself to fossils, but what of Geopark?  Someone said there's special sea grasses offshore where sea horses live, and that could be a possibility - but it seems that guidance is needed.  There are also dolphins offshore.

Back to the art work and the concern that it should involve local artists - the college or schools and then it could be signed and attributed.  Kevin felt that even he was playing catch up with that part of the topic as the TDA dealt with it, but it was strongly felt that the Culture Board should have chosen a local artist.

I didn't speak, but I put in the chat the Lee Pickering provided the artwork for the Paignton Chamber, and is a brilliant local artist.

Cllr Mike Morey said that we must be sure that we don't go over the timeline for the availability of the money from the Environment Agency.

Conclusion - there needs to be more local consultation, and there is concern that not enough people know about the project - hence the deferral of the planning application to mid to late February, with the work still proposed to commence late August.

Kevin Mowat said that he hasn't yet been able to discuss with Dave Stewart the possibility of repositioning the sea wall, as he's still not back in action.

No discussion took place on positioning of gaps in the walls, although during the discussion it was mentioned that the gaps need to be near the kiosks and discussion needs to take place with the kiosk holders.

In short seemingly not a lot of progress, but certainly concern that local opinions should be widely sought.

Freda Bamford Dwane