Neighbourhood Forum

Creating the Paignton Neighbourhood Plan

Preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan has involved the following key Stages.

  • Stage 1 SWOTs - gathered views of our community at the start
  • Stage 2 Views - to verify the key areas identified from Stage 1
  • Stage 3 Draft Plan - for input from every household and business in Paignton
  • Consultation Draft - produced for Pre-Submission consultation (Regulation 14)
  • The Submitted Plan - as submitted to Torbay Council (Regulation 15 & 16)
  • The Examination - by independent examination (Regulation 17 & 18)
  • Referendum Result - of vote held on 2 May 2019

Stage 1 SWOT

Please note the consultation period has expired and the following is shown for information purposes only. Where do our Forum Members come from ? When we received formal approval to become the body that would produce our Neighbourhood Plan, we had a Membership of over 200 from all parts of our area.  Membership has doubled again since then (see below).

How have we produced our Plan? As shown in our Outline Project Plan, we put the Neighbourhood Plan together in three stages to ensure that it truely reflected the views of our community as intended by the Localism Act of 2011:

  • Stage 1 - Involved collecting the views of our community about our area before any proposals were drafted;
  • Stage 2 - Took the results of Stage 1 and converted these into proposals for the key areas where our community wish to see change take place;
  • Stage 3 - Involved bringing proposals together for the whole area for community support before the Plan is formally assessed and put to a vote in a Referendum of registered electors in Paignton.

 Our Stage 1 SWOT Results A very big thank you was given to everyone who took part in the meetings across the plan area to identify Paignton's "Strengths - Weaknesses - Opportunities - and Threats".  These "SWOT" results are very important for two main reasons.  First, they helped identify views about our area before any proposals are made.     Second, they helped show where there is a shared view in different parts of our community.  The diagram below shows where the SWOT's were produced.   The response was much greater than anticipated.  Instead of one SWOT from each of the 5 community partnership areas, a total of 13 were received.  The results of all 13 neighbourhood SWOT's are available to view by clicking on the relevant date below or by going to the Calendar date.  To ensure the quality of information collected, no results were published until after Stage 1 was closed by the Forum on 1st August 2012.

  • Paignton Town Community Partnership area completed the pilot SWOT very successfully for the town centre area on 2nd November 2011
  • Collaton St. Mary Residents Association completed a SWOT for the village area on 16th February 2012
  • Preston Community Partnership area completed a SWOT on 29th March 2012
  • Hoteliers in Paignton completed 2 SWOTS.  One related to Paignton overall, and the other on tourism aspects.  Both were completed on 11th April 2012
  • Blatchcombe Community Partnership area completed a SWOT for their area on 17th April 2012
  • St.Michael's Residents Association added their SWOT on 21st April 2012
  • Yalberton Valley Forum also added their SWOT on 24th April 2012
  • Goodrington, Roselands and Hookhills Community Partnership area completed theirs on 11th June 2012
  • Paignton Society completed a SWOT on the Character of Paignton Town Centre on 13th June 2012
  • South Devon College on the views of our younger generation on 15th June 2012
  • Torbay Parent Participation Forum completed a SWOT involving children with a disability or additional need on 10th July 2012
  • Primley House Residential Home gave views from our older generation in a SWOT on 23rd July 2012

Paignton SWOT`s

So what happened next ?  Volunteers cross referenced all 13 sets of SWOTs received and the analysis identified a number of Key Themes.  The results were endorsed by the Forum and used to draft the main Aims & Objectives and development of Proposals for Stage 2 of our community participation.

From the results received, the Forum also concentrated further discussion on the Town Centre and western side of Paignton as the key areas where change is expected.

Stage 2 Views

Please note the consultation period has expired and the following is shown for information purposes only.

A big thank you to everyone who has taken part

All views received were presented to the Forum at the meeting on 23rd January 2013.  A large number of very useful comments were received via the on-line questionnaire and via hard copy replies.  A very big thank you was given to everyone who responded.  A copy of the response received is available to view later below under 'How were views given ?' and on the 'Downloads' page.

Why were views requested ? As the next stage, we wished to have the views of our community on the proposed Aims & Objectives and emerging Proposals for two key parts of Paignton.   The response received was used to help our volunteers to complete the draft Neighbourhood Plan for the whole of Paignton. The two key areas are shown on the following wallcharts:

How were views given ?

After looking at the above wallcharts, views were sent to us by either completing an on-line electronic questionnaire, or by printing out the paper version below and sending it to the Freepost address given on the first page of the questionnaire (no stamp needed).  A copy of the Questionnaire and Initial Analysis of Results Received can be viewed below:

When was the closing date ?

Questionnaires (either electronically above, or by returning printed copy in the post) were required to be returned by 24th December 2012. Further Information With the help of the Prince's Foundation, Public Meetings were held at Paignton Library & Information Centre on 12th November 2012, and at Collaton St Mary Parish Hall on 13th November 2012.  Further details and a location map can be found on the 'Calendar' page. Volunteers were also available to attend meetings to explain the proposals so far produced and a number of displays were arranged during the 6 week period. In March 2013, all 5 Community Partnerships in Paignton offered to carry out further consultations with our local community during the summer months.  The results and combined inputs were presented to the Forum by each Partnership in September 2013.  This increased the overall number of responses received.  The views expressed by our community were very similar to those obtained from the Stage 2 Questionnaire.

So what happens next ?

Volunteers have started work on Stage 3 which involves drawing together all community views received and the evidence to support a Draft of the Plan for the whole area. The views provided by our community at Stage 1 can be found on the 'Stage 1 SWOTs' page above.

Stage 3 Draft Plan


Please note the consultation period has expired and the following is shown for information purposes only. What was Stage 3 ? Stage 3 was the final stage of writing up the Draft Plan and supporting documents prior to formal submission.  How the documents were linked together is shown in the diagram below:

When completed, the final plan would be submitted to Torbay Council for formal review by an Independent Examiner.  After the examination had been completed successfully, all registered voters in Paignton would then be asked to decide in a Referendum if the Plan should be approved.  If the answer is "Yes", it will be Adopted formally and used by the Council when making decisions on planning applications and similar proposals. Stage 3 was therefore a very important step. During the week of 2-6 February 2015, every household and business in Paignton was sent a leaflet asking for views on the Draft Plan so far drafted by the Forum.

The response received was then used to finalise the content of the formal consultation draft.

Who has produced the Draft ? The process has been undertaken by the Forum in steps. Each step has involved volunteers in our community adding more detail to each draft for Forum approval to ensure it remains faithful to the views that have been expressed by our community.  Each version has been called a Skeleton Draft, and each update has added more detail to the last update.

How has the Draft Plan evolved ?

Skeleton Draft-1 (Format as recommended by the Prince's Foundation)

Skeleton Draft-2 (Adopted 27-Mar-13) (Stage 1 and 2 consultation results added)

 Skeleton Draft Aims & Objectives Diagram (Adopted 21-Nov-13) (For Part 5)

Skeleton Draft-3 (Adopted 19-Dec-13) (Parts 1, 4, 5, and 6 expanded)

Skeleton Draft-4 (Adopted 28-Aug-14) (Preface added, plus Part 2 expanded)

Skeleton Draft-5 (Adopted 25-Sep-14) (Parts 3 and 6 expanded)

Skeleton Draft-6 (Adopted 23-Oct-14) (Part 4 draft policies 1 to 24 added)

Skeleton Draft-7 (Adopted 15-Jan-15) (Part 4 draft policies 25-27 added)

Skeleton Draft-8 (Adopted 16-Apr-15) (Part 7 & 8 expanded and para 6.7 updated)

Skeleton Draft-9 (Adopted 18-Feb-16) (Local Plan references updated in all parts)

Skeleton Draft-10 (Adopted 21-Jul-16) (Parts 3, 7 & 8 expanded)

Draft-11 (Adopted 15-Dec-16) (Cover added & Annex 1 to Policy PNP1)

Draft-12 (Adopted 19-Jan-17) (LGS Photos added for 2 areas)

Draft-13 (Adopted 16-Feb-17) (Aim & Part 7 amended)

Draft-14 (Adopted 16-Mar-17) (For final check)

Pre-Submission Consultation Draft (104 pages)

Final Submission Draft (110 pages)

What is the latest on the Sustainability Assessment?

Scoping Report Draft-1 (Adopted 16-Apr-15)

Scoping Report Draft-2 (Adopted 21-May-15) (Fig 4.1 & Parts 4-6 revised)

Scoping Report Draft-3 (Adopted 18-Jun-15) (Text updates & Part 6 revised)

Screening Opinion-Consultation Draft (Submitted 05-Apr-16) (To 3 SEA consultees)

Scoping Report-Consultation Draft (Submitted 19-Sep-16) (To 3 SEA consultees)

Scoping Report- Final (Adopted 15-Dec-16) (Following 3 SEA consultation results)

Sustainability Appraisal - Draft 1 (Adopted 17-Nov-16)

Sustainability Appraisal - Draft 2 (Adopted 15-Dec-16) (Expanded with HRA)

SA/SEA & HRA Screening - Draft 3 (Adopted 19-Jan-17) (Expanded throughout)

SA/SEA & HRA Screening - Draft 4 (Adopted 16-Feb-17) (Part 4 rearranged)

SA/SEA & HRA Screening - Draft 5 (Adopted 16-Mar-17) (For final check)

Pre-Submission Consultation Draft - Scoping Report (48 pages)

Pre-Submission Consultation Draft - SA and HRA Screening (75 pages)

Final Submission Draft - SA and HRA Screening (75 pages)

What does the Basic Conditions Statement contain ?

 Skeleton Draft-1 (Adopted 15-Oct-15)

 Skeleton Draft-2 (Adopted 19-Nov-15) (General conformity text expanded)

 Skeleton Draft-3 (Adopted Update 21-Jan-16) (Draft Appendix 4 added)

 Skeleton Draft-4 (Adopted Update 18-Feb-16) (Draft Appendix 4 revised & updated)

 Skeleton Draft-5 (Adopted Update 21-Jul-16) (Draft Appendix 4 expanded)

 Skeleton Draft-6 (Adopted Update 18-Aug-16) (Draft Appendix 4 expanded)

 Skeleton Draft-7 (Adopted 15-Dec-16) (Front cover updated)

 Draft-8 (Adopted 19-Jan-17) (Part 3 expanded)

 Draft-9 (Adopted 16-Feb-17) (Appendix 4 expanded)

 Draft-10 (Adopted 16-Mar-17) (For final check)

Pre-Submission Consultation Draft (63 pages)

Final Submission Draft (63 pages)

What does the Consultation Statement contain?

Skeleton Draft-1 (Adopted 15-Oct-15)

Skeleton Draft-2 (Adopted 15-Dec-16) (Front cover updated)

Skeleton Draft-3 (Adopted 19-Jan-17) (Timeline Summary schedule added)

Draft-4 (Adopted 16-Feb-17) (Parts 2 & 3 expanded)

Draft-5 (Adopted 16-Mar-17) (For final check)

Pre-Submission Consultation Draft (31 pages)

Final Submission Draft (213 pages)

What does the Supporting Evidence document include?

Skeleton Draft-1 (Adopted 21-Apr-16)

Draft-2 (Adopted 15-Dec-16) (Front cover updated and Part 2 expanded)

Draft-3 (Adopted 19-Jan-17) (Part 3 expanded)

Draft-4 (Adopted 16-Feb-17) (Part 2 expanded)

Draft-5 (Adopted 16-Mar-17) (For final check)

Pre-Submission Consultation Draft (185 pages)

Final Submission Draft (185 pages)

Consultation Draft

Please note the consultation period has expired and the following is shown for information purposes only. Welcome to the Paignton Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Draft. Local residents, workers, businesses, councillors and other volunteers have produced the Draft Neighbourhood Plan for Paignton by working together as a Forum.   This has been made possible by the Localism Act 2011.   When the process is completed, the Neighbourhood Plan will become part of the statutory development plan for Paignton used by the Council when making decisions on planning applications in the area over the next 20 years. The Draft Plan produced followed the objectives our community has said it wants to see achieved.  The Draft was prepared for any views anyone wished to make during the period from 19 April to 31 May 2017.  This was a formal consultation in accordance with Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012 before the Plan would be submitted for independent examination and Referendum.

The Draft Plan documents can be viewed here:

The Summary below explains briefly the content of each document:

How views were given: After reading the above documents, views were requested by completing an on-line Electronic Response Form below, or by printing out and returning the hardcopy version below to any of the points listed on the Form:

Where could a hardcopy of the Draft Plan documents be inspected? During open hours at:

  • Paignton Library and Information Centre, Great Western Road, Paignton, TQ4 5AG
  • Occombe Farm Cafe, Preston Down Road, Paignton, TQ3 1RN
  • Clennon Valley Leisure Centre, Penwill Way, Paignton TQ4 5JR

Or by asking any one of our volunteers at any of the drop-in sessions below:

What was the closing date for comments ? Any comments were requested to be received by no later than 5pm Wednesday 31 May 2017.  All comments were considered by the Forum and adjustment made to the Draft Plan where appropriate before it was then submitted to the Local Planning Authority in accordance with Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012.  Full details were published on the website at the time.

The Submitted Plan

The proposed Neighbourhood Plan document set produced by the Forum was submitted to Torbay Council as the local planning authority on Friday 18 August 2017. The next stage involved the Council publishing confirmation that the Plan had been received under Regulation 15 and giving notified persons and bodies the opportunity to make any further comments under Regulation 16 for consideration by an Independent Examiner. The Plan and accompanying documents submitted can be viewed here:

The Examination

The Independent Examiner of our Neighbourhood Plan (Mrs Deborah McCann) held an Exploratory Meeting at 1.00pm on Thursday 10th May 2018 in Paignton Library, 22 Station Lane, Paignton TQ4 5AR.  The meeting was in public between the Examiner and representatives of the Forum and Torbay Council.  Further details are contained in the Examiners letter and NPIERS Guidance referred to below:

The Agenda for the Exploratory Meeting was confirmed as follows:

The participants at the meeting are listed below, together with an audio recording and transcript made of the meeting by Torbay Council:

Copies of the 5 year supply information referred to at the meeting are shown below:

The Examiner's response to the Exploratory Meeting and further information requested together with the reply submitted are shown below:

The Examiner's Final Report was received on 18 July 2018.

Torbay Council's response to the Independent Examiner's Reports on all 3 Torbay Neighbourhood Plans was made at the special Council meeting on 15 November 2018.

The Referendum vote on all 3 Neighbourhood Plans was held on 2 May 2019.

Referendum Result

Before the Referendum vote took place a copy of the Neighbourhood Plan as modified by the Examination stage was made available to view online and in hard copy for inspection at Paignton Library and Information Centre, Great Western Road, Paignton TQ4 5AG and at Churston Library, Broadsands Road, Paignton, TQ4 6LL.


The community voted "Yes" to the Plan on 2nd May 2019.

The Referendum result was reported to a special meeting of Torbay Council and the Plan 'made' on 19 June 2019