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Policy PNP1 - Area wide

Policy PNP1 - Area wide

In all parts of the Paignton Neighbourhood Plan Area a balanced delivery of growth, biodiversity enhancement and more sustainable means of travel will be supported. Development proposals will be supported which:

a) provide new employment on sites able to meet infrastructure needs and biodiversity enhancement;

b) provide new employment in decentralised locations that reduce travel needs, involve new technologies, and will assist moving towards a low carbon economy.

c) provide housing growth appropriate to meet local needs and the strategic needs set out in the Torbay Local Plan 2015, including affordable housing.

d) bring back into use existing homes that have been vacant for 6 months or more;

e) provide additional homes by the conversions of existing buildings, more efficient use of vacant buildings in all use classes, self build; and community-led housing enterprises wherever possible; 

Development will not be supported where:

f) the development proposal would result in an adverse impact on a European protected site;

g) the provision of houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) would adversely affect the tourism offer, worsen concentrations of deprivation, create conditions of community conflict

Protecting Local Identity

The plan seeks to ensure that safe key areas of rural landscape, Local Green Space, and food production are safeguarded and enhanced to ensure an improvement in tourist appeal, enhance biodiversity and community wellbeing. This will be achieved by applying Policy PNP1 (and its subsections) to all development proposals where appropriate. Achieving Sustainable Development Sustainable development will be achieved by ensuring a balanced provision of new development through supporting:

i) job led growth and housing provision being kept in balance by regular (annual) reviews;

ii) balanced growth of food retail floorspace

iii) enhancement of local identity, heritage features, renewable and low carbon energy and construction solutions

iv) foul and surface water drainage and other key infrastructure being required when major development (as defined in the Town and Country Planning Procedure) (England) Order 2015) applications are first submitted, and not being dealt with subsequently by conditions.

v) encouraging local food growing and production across the Plan area to increase and improve local food production assets and deliver community social and health benefits.