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Policy PNP2 - Town Centre

Policy PNP2 - Town Centre

Development within the Town Centre area shown on the Town Centre boundary as shown in the Torbay Local Plan 2012- 2030 will be expected, where appropriate, viable and deliverable to support the recreation of the Garden Town by improving and linking green spaces, greening the streets and buildings that connect them and permeability to the seafront and historic Old Town. Subject to other policies in the Neighbourhood Plan, proposals that embrace this theme will be positively supported where they:

a) improve the vibrancy, cultural experience, appearance, and layout of the area;

b) take full account of flood risk;

c) focus retail use within the Town Centre and promote retail growth;

d) make it easier to move around by all forms of transport according to the 'hierarchy of sustainability' set out in policy TA1 of the Torbay Local plan;

e) increase residential accommodation within the area;

f) protect heritage assets and remove unattractive features which have a negative impact upon the character of the area;

g) enhance the provision of urban wildlife corridors and biodiversity links within the area, and with adjoining areas; and

h) meet the relevant Design Guide criteria set out in Policy PNP1(c).