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Policy PNP3 – Paignton Harbour

Policy PNP3 – Paignton Harbour

Improvement of the Harbour and frontage to the harbour shown on the Town Centre and Seafront inset plan (Fig. 6.3 page 31) will be encouraged and development proposals supported subject to other policies in this plan where they will:

a) retain the heritage features and 'quaintness' of the harbour;

b) continue the mix of traditional uses as a working harbour, including commercial and residential accommodation;

c) attract more tourists;

d) improve existing on and off-street parking for greater use by tourists, to include provision for bicycles, motor cycles and electric vehicle charging points for low emission vehicles;

e) enable more use of the harbour for water sports;

f) enhance the presence of wildlife; and where appropriate developer contributions will be used to improve harbour facilities and resilience to flood risk.