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Policy PNP5 – Torbay Road

Policy PNP5 – Torbay Road

Enhancement of the Torbay Road Area from the railway crossing in the west to the seafront in the east shown on the Town Centre and Seafront inset plan (Fig. 6.3 page 31) will be encouraged and development proposals supported that:

a) bring the Picture House back to life as a tourist attraction (see Fig 6.4 page 36);

b) provide better pedestrian links to the seafront; and

c) explore the option for pedestrianisation. Schemes will be expected to include where appropriate, achievable and subject to viability:

d) improvement and extensions to the walkway canopy locations that are sympathetic to the heritage and greening of the area; and

e) landscaped links to enhance the green infrastructure network and urban wildlife corridors of the existing road and adjoining areas between the level crossing and seafront. Food and drink developments fronting onto wide pavements on the southern side will be encouraged to make greater use of the route during hours of opening in a manner that does not impede ease of pedestrian movement.