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Policy PNP6 – Station Square ‘Gateway’

Policy PNP6 – Station Square ‘Gateway’

Improvement of the Station Square Area shown on the inset plan (Fig. 6.4 this page) will be encouraged and proposals supported where they will:

a) enhance the public realm;

b) showcase the Picture House and Steam Railway as tourist attractions;

c) enhance the provision of transport interchange facilities; and

d) provide financial contributions that enable implementation to be achieved.

Subject to other policies in the plan, improvement of the area will be supported that betters the function, amenity and public enjoyment by design detail that will:

e) open out the area, reduce congestion, encourage low vehicle speeds, create a pedestrian-friendly environment, discourage inappropriate parking, retain heritage features, increase public seating provision, improve street furniture and signage, and incorporate quality planting to green the area;

f) enhance the provision of existing interchange facilities at Station Square, the level crossing, station approaches to surrounding streets and paths with the aim of improving access for all, especially the elderly and persons with mobility limitations;

g) provide space for additional modes of transport that include park-and-ride facilities to connect with outer Paignton, nearby on-street provision for Car Club providers to serve the area, and secure additional cycle parking facilities in the area.