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Policy PNP11 – Old Town

Policy PNP11 – Old Town

Improvement of the Old Town area shown on the inset plan (Fig. 6.7 page 42) will be encouraged and proposals supported where they will:

a) enhance the public realm;

b) encourage regeneration where sympathetic to heritage features and uses in the area; and

c) provide financial contributions where appropriate that enable implementation to be achieved.

Subject to other policies of the plan, improvement of the area will be supported that betters the function, amenity and public enjoyment by design detail that will:

d) retain shop and building fronts of importance to the area. Replacement frontages should conserve or enhance the character and appearance of the area having regard to Policy PNP1(c). Where possible, historic features such as building lines, window patterns and material should be reinstated;

e) enable ‘Old Town’ signage and historic information at key interchanges for tourists and other users of the area to make it easier to find and enjoy;

f) improve pedestrian, cycle and public transport connections and access from the transport hub and seafront;

g) support use of the highway and Palace Avenue Gardens for local markets and events;

h) encourage specialty shops in Winner Street and improvement of residential amenity in Well Street;

i) support provision of a Heritage Centre use within the area;

j) support use of the Palace Theatre and Palace Avenue Gardens as key facilities.