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Policy PNP 12 – Getting Around

Policy PNP 12 – Getting Around

Improvement of the Town Centre and seafront area shown on the inset plan (Fig. 6.3 page 31) will be encouraged and proposals supported where they will:

a) make it easier to use sustainable transport; and

b) provide financial contributions where appropriate that enable implementation to be achieved.

Subject to other policies of the plan, improvement of the area will be supported that betters the function, amenity and public enjoyment by design detail that will:

c) improve integrated transport connections having regard to the hierarchy of sustainability;

d) improve pedestrians connections and the way that traffic uses in the area interact with pedestrians;

e) provide safe, continuous, separated cycling and pedestrian pathways to schools, employment and tourist sites;

f) complete Paignton’s missing links in the National Cycle Route Network in support of Local Plan Policy SS6;

g) help public transport better meet user needs;

h) de-clutter the town centre to make it easier to move around;

i) improve transport connectivity and signage for visitors;

j) improve surfaces for pedestrians, including disabled people;

k) ensure that town centre parking for cycles, motorcycles and cars supports town centre viability;

l) bring different forms of transport closer together wherever possible.