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Policy PNP13 – Housing opportunities within the Town Centre

Policy PNP13 – Housing opportunities within the Town Centre and Harbour area

To retain and increase the provision of homes within the Torbay Local Plan town centre boundary and harbour area the following will apply:

a) development will be supported that retains residential accommodation as part of ensuring the area remains in use throughout the day;

b) additional housing provision identified in the Local Plan and Table 8.1 of this Plan will be supported in the following locations, subject to the development meeting the other policies of this Plan that apply:

i) Paignton Harbour;

ii) Crossways;

iii) Station Lane;

iv) Station Square (former Gerston Hotel);

v) Victoria Square;

c) proposals must comply with existing relevant Flood Risk policy and where appropriate proposals should be supported by site specific flood risk assessment able to show the development will be safe for its lifetime and with necessary flood resilience measures incorporated; basement flats will not be supported in areas of flood risk.