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Policy PNP15 – Flood and Sea Defences

Policy PNP15 – Flood and Sea Defences

To reduce the risk of flooding within the Town Centre Area defined by the inset plan (Fig. 6.3 page 31) development proposals must comply with all existing Flood Risk policy requirements.

Proposals to remove buildings, structures, or other physical features that act as a brake on areas liable to flood from the sea, inland water flow, or drainage network, will not be supported unless alternative compensating proposals are submitted and agreed;

Where appropriate new developments will be required to demonstrate how surface water will be managed to achieve the reduction of the amount of surface water entering the combined sewer network including water harvesting for use within the development, and by temporary storage solutions so that surcharging of the ground and sewer network is reduced during periods of intense rainfall;

The removal of hard surface areas and their replacement with soft surface landscaping will be encouraged in all developments to increase natural drainage and thereby increase capacity in the combined sewer network for additional development proposed in the Town Centre; and

Where appropriate, development proposals in locations at risk of flooding from seawater will be required to make financial contributions towards the strengthening of sea defences in accordance with Torbay Council CIL regime or S106 Obligation.