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Policy PNP22 – Western Corridor

Policy PNP22 – Western Corridor

To support Active Travel in the Western Corridor area as shown on Fig 1.2 on page 9 where appropriate, viable and achievable development proposals should provide or contribute to the provision of the following:

a) the provision of safe, continuous, separated cycling and pedestrian pathways to all schools and employment sites in the area;

b) the delivery of a Western Area park-and-ride facility connecting with central Paignton to accord with policy PNP6 criteria g);

c) the establishment of a strategic, continuous, separate cycling and pedestrian pathway across open countryside to Totnes working with local landowners, Devon County Council and other involved authorities;

d) establishing a well connected green infrastructure network on both sides and middle of the Western corridor and the routes it serves by additional street tree planting and new public seating at selected points;

e) space for the secure parking of at least two community car club cars in all major developments and one in each residential local centre; and

f) other necessary highway and associated infrastructure