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Policy PNP23 – Yalberton to Blagdon Valley

Policy PNP23 – Yalberton to Blagdon Valley

Improvement of the Yalberton to Blagdon Valley area shown on the inset plan (Fig. 6.12 this page) will be encouraged and proposals supported where they will:

a) enhance tourism and attraction of the area to visitors;

b) provide financial contributions where appropriate that enable implementation of the following measures to be achieved. Subject to other policies of the plan, improvement of the area will be supported that betters the function, amenity and public enjoyment by design detail that will:

c) enhance the landscape character in accordance with PNP19;

d) enhance biodiversity and safeguard the Valley’s caves, lime kilns and underground karst system in support of Torbay Local Plan Policy NC1;

e) protect the unspoilt ‘Devon Green Lane’ known as Lidstone Lane or Whitehill Lane that runs from Lower Yalberton to Byter Mill, Stoke Gabriel, to the south:

f) enhance buildings, orchards, and structures of heritage importance in the area;

g) encourage small scale food growing, rearing and horticulture and protection of the Valley’s extensive network of species-rich mature traditional hedges and large number of mature and veteran trees; h) enable separated cycling facilities through and into the area with ‘pinch points’ where possible at either end of Long Road to discourage vehicles of more than 3.5 tonnes in total weight.