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Policy PNP24 – Collaton St. Mary Village

Policy PNP24 – Collaton St. Mary Village

Growth of Collaton St. Mary has been sporadic and piecemeal over many decades. Foul and surface water disposal and flooding have become a significant problem. Any further development beyond the currently developed areas will only be supported where the proposals are in accordance with the adopted masterplan for the area. Development proposals for residential development where appropriate should include details of how: 

a) the village identity will be re established by the creation of a village centre, and green space for local activities and necessities, such as part of the Ocean Garage area;

b) prominent landscape and other local features that give the area its identity and character will be protected;

c) employment and other facilities required to meet local needs will be supported;

d) the use of existing brownfield sites (also referred to as previously developed land) has been prioritised;

e) the needs of local residents have been considered; and

f) allotments and orchard spaces for community use have been incorporated. Residential development proposals where appropriate will be required to demonstrate:

i) that sufficient capacity exists to accommodate the additional development and not cause any risk of flooding to existing properties.

ii) there is infrastructure in place to provide for, and service, such growth and development;

iii) any supporting Transport Statement or Transport Assessment avoids major road development, or new commuter routes, or change to or widening of the existing road network in the village, and prevents 'rat-runs' from arising except for strategic improvements to the A385 proposed by policy SS6 of the Torbay Local Plan 2012-2030;