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Policy PNP27 – Preston

Policy PNP27 – Preston

Improvement of the Preston area shown on the inset plan (Fig. 1.2 page 9) will be encouraged and proposals supported where they will:

a) enhance the public realm;

b) enhance tourism facilities and community uses; Subject to other policies of the plan, improvement of the area will be supported that betters the function, amenity and public enjoyment by design detail that will:

c) support appropriate and viable reuse of Oldway Mansion (including the Rotunda) and Parkfield House (including the Stables);

d) improve the seafront area shown on the inset plan (Fig.6.8 page 46) with uses that support:

i) public toilet facilities at Seaway Lane;

ii) a barbeque area on the seafront;

iii) creation of surfing opportunities where possible

e) enable mixed use café, hotel and other tourist facilities where appropriate at Hollicombe;

f) support provision of a community café, allotments and orchard space for community use where appropriate in the top part of Preston.