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Policy PNP1 (a) - Rural Character Area

Policy PNP1 (a)

Rural Character Area

Within the designated Rural Character Area (RCA) shown in Policy PNP19, development proposals should have regard to policy C1 of the Torbay Local Plan 2015 and where appropriate, should be accompanied by supporting information, which demonstrates how the proposal will:

a) value the existing treescape, landscape, and scenic views;

b) increase biodiversity and coherent ecological networks by means other than off-setting;

c) achieve small scale food growing and rearing opportunities including improvement of soil quality and structure;

d) implement the Torbay Green Infrastructure Delivery Plan proposals shown in Figure 6.1 (page 22); and

e) implement the management strategy of Policy PNP19.

f) support the provision of new allotments alongside new developments in White Rock, Roselands, South Devon College, Great Parks and Collaton St. Mary where appropriate.

In respect of (c), new and net additional employment opportunities using small-scale agro ecological methods will be strongly encouraged.