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Policy PNP1 (c) - Design Principles

Policy PNP 1(c)

Design Principles

Development proposals, should where possible and appropriate to the scale and size of the proposal:

1. Strengthen local identity by:

i) retaining existing natural and manmade features that make the location distinctive and attractive;

ii) being in keeping with the surroundings respecting scale, design, height, density, landscaping, use and colour of local materials;

iii) respecting important landscape or townscape vistas. Applicants are encouraged to provide accurate 'montage' photographic comparison information where such issues arise in development proposals.

iv) protecting residential amenity in terms of noise, air, or light pollution. Non-complementary uses close to residential properties will not be supported;

v) providing an Access and Design Statement 

2. Safeguard biodiversity and geodiversity:

vi) Safeguarding biodiversity and geodiversity by ensuring that layout and design will protect existing features of biodiversity value on site and biodiversity connections with related sites; ensure that features of geodiversity value are protected and wherever possible enhanced in their condition and future management;

3. Treescape

vii) provide hedgerow habitat on at least one development boundary to enhance biodiversity wherever possible;

viii) include features such as bat boxes, bricks or lofts and bird boxes to increase species within the area;

ix) include a tree survey to the current British Standard and identify how trees to be retained will be protected during the course of construction.

x) include new tree planting. Developers are encouraged wherever possible to plant three new trees for each new dwelling proposed (or in nonresidential development one tree for each car parking space or 50m2 of gross floorspace). Additional tree planting should be on site or close by, contributing to amenity and biodiversity.

xi) for biodiversity enhancement, support in particular will be given to tree planting using species included in Appendix 3 of this Plan (page 106);

4. Local food production capacity 

xii) protect and increase food growing spaces to reflect the orchard and food production heritage of the area. The protection and enhancement of orchards will be supported and consideration should be given to creating edible hedgerows which serve a biodiversity and recreational function.