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Policy PNP 1(d) - Residential Development

Policy PNP 1(d)

Residential Development

New residential development should aim to achieve where appropriate and subject to viability:

i) the highest standards of sustainable construction such as Passivhaus, EnerPHit, and Lifetime Homes standards, subject to meeting other policy and design considerations as defined;

ii) Homezone objectives should be followed where on-street parking provision is proposed;

iii) space for solid waste storage within each curtilage, in seagull proof structures sufficient to accommodate two wheelie bins of 240 litre size;

iv) for each new dwelling, purpose designed cycle parking space that is covered, safe and convenient. Where cycle parking and bin storage are located within a garage, demonstrate that the garage will be of sufficient size to house at least 2 cycles in addition to car parking;

v) safe wheelchair access and mobility scooter circulation throughout the site layout;