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Policy PNP1 (g) - Designing out crime

Policy PNP1 (g)

Designing out crime

All developments will be expected to show how crime and the fear of crime have been taken into account in the proposals submitted having regard to "Designing out Crime" Guidance. In particular they should have regard to

1) Access and movement – places with well-defined and well used routes with spaces and entrances that provide convenient movement without compromising security;

2) Structure – places that are structured so that different uses do not cause conflict;

3) Surveillance – places where all publically accessible spaces are overlooked;

4) Ownership – places that promote a sense of ownership, respect, territorial responsibility and community;

5) Physical protection – places that include necessary, well designed security features;

6) Activity – places where the level of human activity is appropriate to the location and creates a reduced risk of crime and a sense of safety at all times;

7) Management and maintenance – places that are designed with management and maintenance in mind, to discourage crime.