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If there are questions that you cannot answer, don't worry, fill in what you can. We'll contact you to provide clarification. If you wish to contact us prior to filling in the form, or for any other reason, click here or eMail to

In addition to completing the form, please eMail an area map (indicating the site boundaries) to

Please complete one form per site.

Note: If you have previously notified us of your site, we would appreciate it if you could fill in the form to ensure that we have the most up-to-date information.

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Potential constraints to development

Any constraints may be able to be addressed through the Neighbourhood Development Plan policies and development realised sooner than otherwise.

Are there any physical constraints (such as topology, pylons, marshland, or access to utilities) that would limit development?

Is there direct access to the land from the primary road network. If not, has the cost of access been evaluated and if so, is the site still considered to be economically viable?

Is the land contaminated?

Are there any covenants on the land which may prevent development?

Does the site have any ransom strips?

Are there any factors that might make part, or all, of the site unavailable for development?

Has the economic viability of the land been assessed by a developer? If so, what was the outcome?

Are there any other issues that we should be aware of that are not mentioned above, and if so, how may they be overcome?

Site Access

By identifying this site, you are giving permission for the Neighbourhood Forum and its planning consultant to access the site to ascertain site suitability. Are there any access issues, and if so, please provide a contact number below.


Ambitions for the Site

Please detail the proposed uses for the site and the scale of development. Provide as much detail as possible. If a mix of uses is proposed please detail each use and the relative scales.

Residential (houses and flats): How many units?

Employment (offices): How much floorspace and how many units?

Employment (industrial): How much floorspace and how many units?

Employment (warehousing): How much floorspace and how many units?

Retail: How much floorspace and how many units?

Mixed uses: How much floorspace and how many units?

Other uses

Development Approval

How many dwellings or other uses are anticipated to be developed on a 5-year basis subject to approval by the local planning authority?




Please provide any comments on the proposed delivery timetable.